Guide to buying and Electric Toothbrush.

In the world of dental hygiene products it's intensely competitive.  This leads existing companies to be innovative, savvy and occasionally a bit.. well.. let's just say they can 'overstate the effectiveness.'

Because you as a patient are constantly bombarded with heavy marketing it's difficult to cut through and see exactly what you need to do to keep your mouth healthy. So let me help you. 

First, Electric Toothbrushes actually work! They are more effective at removing plaque than manual toothbrushes- especially in younger children or older adults. So do I recommend them? YES! 

The research shows that the effective electric toothbrushes have a small round oscillating (rotating) head.  Most electric tooth brushes have this but some don't.  Don't get one that just vibrates.  As much as Phillips would like you to buy you a sonicare Toothbrush the evidence to support their use isn't as good. 

I normally recommend the Oral B branded toothbrushes.  They have the advantage of having a two minute timer and also have a pressure sensor. 

The pressure sensor is critical in my opinion.  Gum recession can be caused overzealous toothbrushing and I have recommended electric toothbrushes to people who experience sensitivity as result of scrubbing their teeth to hard. Brushing is about accuracy and time rather than hard scrubbing! 

Lastly I recommend it's rechargeable or people just forget to use it and switch to a manual Toothbrush. 

You don't need to buy a really expensive Toothbrush- you just need one that 

1. Has a small oscillating head. 

2. A timer

3. A pressure sensor. 

Your Toothbrush doesn't need to be endorsed by Shakira or connect to an appt on your phone- you just need a one that meets the above criteria and basically look like the one pictured below. 

Love you. Bye bye 

Aaron Kinghorn Dentist in Durham CIty.  Providing teeth whitening, accepting NHS patients,  University Dentist Newcastle
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