Root Canal Treatment

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I use an operating microscope for most root canal treatments.

This gives you a better chance of success. NHS dentist in Durham City

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is cleaning the spaces inside a tooth and filling them with a material to reduce or prevent infection on the tooth. It is performed when the nerve inside the tooth is beyond recovery or the space becomes infected.


What can I expect to happen during the procedure?

A rubber sheet is placed around the tooth and the canal space inside the tooth is carefully accessed.  Once the space inside the tooth is identified it is prepared to be filled by special instruments and cleaned using solutions. We aim to fill as much of the space inside the tooth as we can.


Will it hurt?

You will have local anaesthesia to try ensure that you will have no pain during the procedure. If your tooth is acutely painful due to pulpitis it may take more time and local anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortably numb.  You will have been informed if this is the case.


Sometimes in the immediate days after root canal treatment- a small number of people experience a ‘flare-up’ of pain.  If this happens; please contact the practice for guidance.


Will it work?

In most cases root canal treatment works, but no dentist can guarantee success due to the complexity of the treatment.  If the nerve is still alive and the tooth is not infected before the treatment there is a better chance of success. For more information on outcomes please follow the link here.


What will happen afterwards?

The tooth will initially have a filling placed on the tooth. The tooth may require a type of crown depending on how much tooth tissue remains.


Is it safe?

Root canal is a common dental procedure and complications that compromise your safety are extremely rare.


The above tooth has had Root Canal Treatment.  The spaces/canals inside the tooth were identified and cleaned out.  You can see on this x-ray how we have managed to access the canals and fill them.  The tooth now has a provisional filling before having a type of crown.